Week 0 [Before the start of classes]

If you find this message, you found your way to Canvas or the course website before the start of our class on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Below you will find a table with four different colored rows.

  • The top row (light green) is with information for all students
  • FYS106 has a lovely light green (suitable for tea, plants and growth!)
  • HST269 has a light purple (note that this is not the imperial color in East Asia)
  • HST380 has sky blue (the sky’s the limit!)

Throughout the semester, course information here will always appear in this sequence, in these colored boxes, so you can always at a glance find what’s important for you. I hope this helps you navigate your busy semester more easily.

Links in those boxes will take you to where you need to be on your respective course websites, or on Canvas.

After the colored blocks I like to insert fun things I found on the internet or came across in my readings. You can ignore or explore that bit as you want. It will also include activities for the Muhlenberg community (online/virtual and on campus), to help you remember what’s on in the coming days that may be of interest.


For all students
  • Starting Week 1 (Aug. 30): Get Stuff Done/ Lab/ Office Hours/ Drop in: ONLINE
    • additional time to ask questions or just hang out with me and other students (Quiet spaces and group rooms available)
  • Wednesdays: 1-2PM
  • Thursdays: 11AM-12PM
  • By appointment: check my Google Calendar
  1. Bookmark the Course Website: fystea.tdh.bergbuilds.domains
  2. Check out and contribute something to the Padlet! Stuck for inspiration what to post? How about this: what’s the last book you read, and would you recommend it to others?
  3. See you on Fri. Aug. 27 at 12.45PM and again on Sun. Aug. 29 at 1PM in ETTINGER 205
  1. Bookmark the Course Website: hst269.tdh.bergbuilds.domains. Please note it’s still under construction, so “pardon our appearance” while we get ready for the new semester!
  2. Check out and contribute something to the Padlet! Stuck for inspiration? Share what topic you’d hope to learn about in the course!
  1. Bookmark the Course Website: hst380.tdh.bergbuilds.domains. Please note it’s a new site, so it’s still a bit empty. “Pardon our appearance while we build your custom course website!”
  2. Check out and contribute something to the Padlet! Stuck for inspiration? Share why you signed up for this course! (“2 GARs and it counts for IST” is a valid reason 😀 )

Things to enjoy:

You’ll see birds pop up in my course slides. I love birds, and they’ve kept me company for much of the time I’ve been stuck here in the US while various travel bans and paperwork/immigration stuff make it impossible for me to travel back to Europe and see my family. So I decided to share some European bird pictures with you, thanks to the great and unique photography of Carl Bovis (on twitter as @CarlBovisNature), and I may add some others as time goes by.

But before you get to see those birds, here’s Hummie, the female Ruby-Throated Hummingbird who visited me all of the summer of 2020, and became besties with me. She loved hunting for insects from the clothes line and sipping nectar while I sat reading my book. This year’s hummingbird guest is much more camera-shy!


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